Newly elected board members Dave Couch, David Hewitt and Will McQueen manned the Compton Traditional Bowhunters booth April 10, 11 and 12th during the Kentucky Tradfest near Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The CTB booth drew a lot of attention from the crowd, some new members joined, past members renewed, lots of laughs and hunting stories shared with friends new and old.

     Compton Traditonal Bowhunters very first president, noted Colorado traditional bowhunter Marv Clynke was the featured speaker for the Kentucky event. Marv spent a great deal of time at the booth and kept everyone entertained with his stories and experiences. Of all the positive comments that we heard during the gathering, we think Marv summed it up best when he said being present at events like this give Compton Traditional Bowhunters a great deal of exposure and helps to spread our message.


2015 Election Results

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Compton Traditional Bowhunters biannual election. It's your organization and your vote matters. The results are:

President - Dave Jarvis 
Vice President - Dennis Harper 
Director - Craig Schoneberg 
Director - David Couch 
Director - David Hewitt
Director - Will McQueen 


March 2015 Board Meeting

The Compton Traditional Bowhunters Board of Directors held a meeting on March 21, 2015 near Monticello, Illinois. The board discussed several topics including the upcoming 2015 Rendezvous, the Youth Program, plans for the 2016 Big Game Classic, updates to the CTB website and potential satellite shoots as well as other new and old business.



On September 19, 2010, archery and bowhunting in particular suffered a terrible loss. Glenn St. Charles, one of the last "classic archery" bowhunting legends passed from this world into his next great adventure. Glenn was confident and outspoken, especially when it came to bowhunting. He liked to keep things simple, pure, and fair. He worked for many decades promoting the ideals of what bowhunting could, and should be. He set an example to all of us, to roll up our sleeves and get involved. Glenn, always the gentlemen, tirelessly worked to improve the sport he so loved. He thought of the future, it weighed on him. He worried that people were getting too lazy, that they were too quick to take advantage of all the latest "whiz-bang anythings" rather than learning how to make their own equipment and earn their bowhunting success by the sweat of their brows and the skills learned by spending time in the great outdoors.

Those of us who knew him, respected him greatly, it was easy, he earned it. Glenn was a wealth of bow building and bowhunting knowledge, unassuming and kind. He was especially gracious to those who stopped by his archery shop, Northwest Archery in Seattle, WA, for a chance to share a few moments with him. Many the lucky 'tourist' stopping by, have their own Glenn St. Charles story.

As traditional bowhunters, we will never be ready for a world without Glenn St. Charles in it. In other words, we loved the man. We'll miss him dearly, all the rest of our days.

For more on our hero, Glenn St. Charles, Click Here.

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