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Membership Fees

Annual Membership: $25.00
Annual Family Membership: $40.00 (Husband, Wife and Children 16 and under)
    (Includes 2 votes for members 18 years or older)
3-Year Individual Membership: $65.00
3-Year Family Membership: $100.00
Lifetime Membership: $500.00
Lifetime Member: (65 or older) $250.00

By submitting this application I accept and embrace the purpose and principles of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters and affirm that I use traditional equipment in bowhunting related activities in the field. I understand that my membership may be reviewed by the Membership Committee of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters and that if I am rejected, I cannot appeal the decision.

Zip Code
Daytime Phone
Evening Phone
Date of Birth
Years Bowhunting
Recurve, Longbow, or Selfbow - Enter which bow/s you shoot in the box to the right.
Have you ever been convicted of a game law violation or felony? Please answer yes or no in the box to the right. If yes, please include a date and brief explanation.
List large game species you have bowhunted.
List small game species you have bowhunted.
Live outside the United States?
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Please note:
Once you submit this page you will be directed to a payment page - Be sure to complete the membership process by selecting your membership type and submitting your payment. Thanks again for joining Compton Traditional Bowhunters!

NOTICE: You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to complete the transaction online.
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